2022 Members Limited Show

A.V.N.S.C. Hound (Liesel Thorner)

Minor Puppy (1, 0)

1st Rose’s Rosenrantz Ophelia – Min Smooth-Haired Dachshund

Smart 6 month old B&T youngster of nice make and shape. Good head plains and dark eye. Well balanced with good angulation and correct muscling for age. Nice forechest with prominent breastbone in keeping with frame. Level topline on the stand and on the move. Movement was smooth and parallel with nice drive from behind. BPIG.

Puppy (4, 1)

1st Cox’s Rayol A Kind of Magic – Min Smooth-Haired Dachshund

B&T 10 month bitch with many of the same attributes as the winner of the last class, but standing on a little more leg. Feminine head. Nicely muscled all through with good bone. Enough forechest. Moved well.

 2nd Wilkinson and Wakenham’s Darque Angel For Wakywilks – Miniature Smooth-Haired Dachshund

9 month well marked B&T, with attractive head and dark eye. Not much between these two. Just preferred the movement of 1st place.

3rd James’ Grant Lebl Oda Lyubvi At Daxiemoors NAF. 

Junior (5, 3)

1st Kilroy’s Blackvein Rambler At Janacrop JW– Min Wire-Haired Dachshund

Rising 11 month old typy youngster of good make and shape. Well proportioned head with dark eye and correct ear set. Good forechest with prominent breastbone. Nice angles to her front and rear with good amount of bone in her legs. Well muscled all through without being over done. Moved well, just needs to tighten a little more.

2nd Jameson’s Count Azure Of Canyonside  - Whippet

Handsome head on this 17 month old young man, on a long muscular neck. Balanced angulation, good tuck up. Would prefer a little more substance all through. Moved ok.  

Yearling (2, 0)

1st Jameson’s Count Azure Of Canyonside 

As  per 2nd in Junior

2nd Forge’s Normpug Red Flame – Min Smooth- Haired Dachshund

Happy outgoing Tan bitch. Feminine head with dark eye and good bite. Decent amount of forechest, and good bone, level topline. Moved ok, just preferred movement of 1st place today. 

Graduate (8, 1)

1st Godber-Forde’s Affyneeta Desert Wind  - Afghan Hound

Beautiful head on this 2 year old male who really did “look through me”. Lovely dark eye, strong muzzle and good bite. Balanced front and rear, with well laid shoulder and good return of upper arm. Correct rear, with well bent stifles. Good bone and nice feet. This young man moved smoothly  with an air of grace about him, holding his topline and with a raised tail carriage. BIG

2nd Small’s Almaznyi Laretz Ershalaim At Devondax – Smooth-Haired Dachshund

B&T male with lovely dark eye. Long muscular neck, balanced angulations, nice amount of strong bone. Moved well and with confidence.

3rd Farrar’s Henissy Fancy - Harrier

Open (8, 1)

1st Rose’s Pennydach Mystique – Min Smooth-Haired Dachshund

Lovely outline to this four year old bitch. Typical head, dark eye and correct bite. Good forechest but not overdone. Nicely angled front and rear and good bone which allowed her to gait the ring with a good flowing stride and
drive from behind. RBIG.

2nd Taylor’s Willingwisp Moment of Hope to Musblaiks – Whippet

Pretty 7 year old with feminine typical head. Nice eye and correct ears. Long muscular neck into nicely laid shoulder. Well filled front and enough bone in her straight legs to keep femininity. Deep chest and required arch over her loin. Balanced angulations in the rear. Moved well. BVIG

3rd Janacop Maggie May – Min Smooth-Haired Dachshund

Veteran (3, 1)

1st Taylor’s Willingwisp Moment of Hope to Musblaiks – Whippet

As per 2nd in Open. BVIG 

2nd Kenyon’s Bryntreia First Steps – Whippet

8 year old male of good type. Nice head, good eye and clean muzzle. Adequate bone all through, covered with lean long muscles. Ribs well sprung and good tuck up. Moved ok. 

A.V.N.S.C. Gundog (Liesel Thorner)

M. Puppy (3, 0)

1st –   Farrar’s Henissy Truffle Trifle – Labrador Retriever

Lovely make and shape to 6 month old happy outgoing young man. His head is developing nicely, masculine but not overdone. Correct bite. A lovely dark brown eye, correctly set and carried ears. A well balanced black, with desired angulation and good bone down to rounded feet. Nice topline to correct tail set, which he carries well. Can stand under himself at tad at times which puts him a little bum high, so do watch this. On the move he has a lovely gait accompanied by a little puppy roll, to be expected at this age. He is very promising fore and aft and just needs to firm up. Really liked this happy young man who also took the next class in good company, BPIG and eventual BPIS.

2nd  - Farrar’s Henissy Treacle Tart – Labrador Retriever

Chocolate litter sister to 1st place. Promising pup, a little in awe of proceedings today. Nicely balanced bitch, with good angulation and correct bone down to well rounded feet. Head coming along, good muzzle, correct bite. Moved ok, just needs to settle.

3rd – Coombe’s Tenshilling Mack The Knife

Puppy (4, 0)

1st   Henissy Truffle Trifle – As per 1st in MP

2nd   Beardshall and Gibbons’ Karndor Ada – Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla 

Another quality youngster. Lovely feminine head on this 10 month old, with correct ratios. Balanced angulation with well laid shoulder and nice length to upper arm. Good bone in straight legs, down to arched feet. Well set and carried tail. Just needs to mature on now and body up. Unlucky to come up against the 1st place pup today.

3rd – Heller’s Articbreeze Hopscotch To Gloreydown – Lagotto Romagnolo

Junior (3, 0)

1st – Parkhouse’s Federico The Brave Heart For Shivani (Imp Rus) – Cocker Spaniel

Fifteen month old Blue Roan giving his handler a hard time today. Balanced, handsome young man with good head, nicely set ears and dark eye. Correct angulation front and rear with good bone. When settled he moved well with drive and had the best rear movement of the class.

2nd  Kibby’s Trimere Taylor Maid At Pinhays – English Springer Spaniel

Balanced L&W young bitch of almost 17 months old. Nice shape to head, good ear set and kind expression. Nicely angulated, good bone in straight legs. Well laid shoulder and level topline. Rear movement let her down today, but otherwise moved ok.

3rd Osman’s Cattistock Cosmos At Marissolo – Pointer

Yearling (1, 0)

1st Kibby’s Trimere Turn Back Time JW – English Springer Spaniel

Litter sister to 2nd in Junior. Well angulated bitch front and rear, with good bone in her straight legs all on correct compact feet. Attractive head, good ear set and correct bite. Lovely coat adequate feathering without being overdone. Moved with drive around the ring with aft tracking the fore. Went on to take BIG. 

Graduate (2, 0)

1st  Luczynski’s Fabelsfee Nothing But Fun For Kanara (Imp Fin) – American Cocker

Rising 3 year old attractive silver buff. Well angulated balanced bitch. Feminine head with correct ratios and dark eye. Intelligent expression. Lovely head carriage. Nicely muscled over strong bones but maintaining femininity. Good topline and tail carriage which she held on the move. Moved round the ring with an effortless gait and was true for and aft. RBIG.

2nd  Hurrell’s Kadaka Kaos At Gillansgold – Golden Retriever

2 year old up to size male. Well angulated balanced young man, with good bone all through. Correct depth to chest and nicely sprung ribs giving plenty of heart and lung room. Head a little too strong to be typical but has a lovely dark eye and keen expression. Moved out well. 

Open (3, 0)

1st Parkhouse’s Sandlauga Magic Spell for Shivani SHCEX – Cocker Spaniel

6 year old well balanced black dog. Masculine head, with lovely dark eye and correctly set ears. Nicely angled with strong bone and a level topline. Correct depth and spring to his ribs. Moved well on the go round and fore and aft, best mover in this class.

2nd Osman’s Fleurfield Firethorn At Marissolo SHCEX - Pointer

5 year old B & W male. Masculine head set on a strong neck into nicely laid shoulder with good angle of upper arm. Ribs well sprung. Topline slopes slightly away to tail set. Moved ok.

3rd Luczynski’s Baladeva Scarlet Letters for Kanara SHCM SCHEX – American Cocker

A.V.N.S.C. Terrier (Liesel Thorner)

M. Puppy (2, 0)

1st Grant’s Dannebriel Me and My Girl – SCWT

Lovely outgoing 6 month old baby full of attitude. Typy feminine head developing nicely. Correctly set ears and good bite. Sturdy and well balanced, with well laid shoulder. Enough bone in her straight legs and good feet. Ribs nicely sprung. Strong level topline to correct set on of tail, although she is carrying it a little over her back at the moment. Moved well for one so young with reach and drive and pretty true fore and aft. RBIG, BPIG and RBPIS

2nd Taylor’s Pamaswater Ivy – Scottish Terrier

8 month old black male, another in awe of proceedings today and with his eye on possibly his owner or usual handler outside the ring. Young man handling today did a fine job of trying to keep his attention. Head developing nicely. Intelligent expression from a lovely dark eye and correctly set ears. Balanced angulation, level topline and muscling coming on well. Moved ok, but with hesitancy due to him being unsure. 

Puppy (2, 0)

1st King’s Yeomeadow Figgy – Border Terrier

Balanced young bitch rising 7 months. Appealed for her typical head, with lovely dark eye and expression. Balanced youngster who just needs to body up as a little leggy at the moment. Moved well on the go round, a little loose fore and aft, but will tighten with maturity.

2nd Nixon’s Tout Nouveau Tout Du Clan Des Petits Colonels Karmaristol (Imp Fra) – Scottish Terrier

9 month old brindle male. Masculine head with plenty of furnishings. Strong neck into well laid shoulder and nicely muscled body. Balanced with adequate angulation front and rear, good bone. Coat correctly dense and wiry. Moved ok. 

Junior (5, 2)

1st Cawley and House’s Ashgate Kirtle – WHW

First judged this young lady at a match night when she was a very young puppy. She gave her handler a hard time but could see her quality through her naughtiness. Please to see she has settled well to the show ring. 13 months now, carrying well proportioned head, with lovely dark eye and correct ears carried erectly. Long muscular neck into well laid shoulder, strong level back and good tail carriage. Adequate bone keeping feminity in short strong legs. Correct feet. Free and easy movement. Smart youngster, sympathetically groomed to maintain a working image. BIG and RBIS

2nd Nixon’s Tout Nouveau Tout Du Clan Des Petits Colonels Karmaristol (Imp Fra)

As per 2nd in puppy.

3rd Taylor’s Apollo SB Scottie’s Vegas Of Mamaswater (Imp AKC) – Scottish Terrier

A.V.N.S.C. Pastoral (Paige Edens)

Class 25 A.V.N.S.C Pastoral Minor puppy (1)

1st 48 Harre;;, Titan des Ramparts Des Castels (Beauceron)

Just 6 months old dog, well-constructed, lovely head with moderate stop and dark eyes. Effortless movement with good reach and drive. Made a pleasing outline both on the stand and the move. Well handled.

Class 26: A.V.N.S.C Pastoral puppy NO ENTRIES

Class 27: A.V.N.S.C Pastoral junior (2)

1st 49 Cracker, Fostebrie Just Exquisite Of Crackebrie (Briard)

16 months old dog, very impressive stature on the stand which first draws your eye. Good depth of chest with medium spring of rib. Well angulated rear and level topline. Correct bite and nice dark brown eye. Correct ear placement. Good reach and drive covering the ground well. Presented in lovely condition. Happy to later award Best in group.

2nd 50 Konsina, Bejla Ravson (IMP POL)

Class 28: A.V.N.S.C Pastoral Yearling (3)

1st: 49 (see pastoral junior)

2nd: 51 Harrell Beaukita’s Mccrory Park (Beauceron)

17-month-old bitch, impressive head with dark eyes. Nice muscular neck leading into strong withers. Firm body with level back, with moderately angulated rear. Correct bite. Move well with good drive.

Class 29: A.V.N.S.C Pastoral gradute (3)

1st : 49 (See pastoral junior)

2nd: 52 Burnmett, Tydu Alcestis GSD. 3 year old bitch. Very balanced on the stand and well-muscled. Lovely head with good ear placement, correct bite with strong jaw. Moved soundly, just needed a bigger ring today.

Class 30: A.V.N.S.C Open (1)

1st 54 Siviter, Faywaidd Spice (Welsh cardigan corgi). 4-Year-old bitch, lovely typical head with moderate stop.  Nice clean dark eyes. Correct scissor bite, chest moderately broad leading into well laid shoulders. Good free and active movement.

Class 31: A.V.N.S.C Pastoral veteran (1)

1st 55: Siviter, Rubegud Takin the mick ShCM (Welsh cardigan corgi). 9 year old dog. Another typical head, with clean dark eyes. Correct bite, good active movement for age. Nice and lively outgoing temperament, kept in good condition for age. Best veteran in group

Class 32: A.V.N.S.C Import breed register Open (1)

1st 56: Hackney, Of Trebons Berger Blanc Boo (White Swiss Shepherd). Cracking 8 months old dog, that really draws your attention when on the stand. Very attentive and alert. Nice clean-cut head, with triangular ears held erect and parallel. Correct bite, and dark brown eye. Shoulders sloping and good return of upper arm. Well-muscled for his age, and good angulation without exaggeration. Even rhythmic movement, good drive and covered the ground effortlessly. One I will be watching in the future. Happy to award him Res best in group, and Best puppy in group.  

A.V.N.S.C. Toy (Paige Edens)

Class 33 Minor Puppy: 

1st 58 Miss A Lovell & Mrs C Thatcher, Devonia’s Anzio (Bolognese) , lovely lively dog. Nice head with dark eyes. Correct bite. Well bodied with solid construction. Moved well fore and aft with a free gait. Well-presented and handled. Best puppy in group

2nd 57 Mrs P Dodd, Anadeia Amaris (Chihuahua smooth coat) Lovely little 6 months old bitch, slightly unsure in this class, but I'm sure will gain more confidence in time. Well-rounded head with correct bite and large eyes. Well made with good lay of shoulder. Hocks well let down with a good turn of stifle. Nice brisk movement when settled.

Class 34 Puppy: 

1st 85: A Skinner, Tyssul Dafydd Due (Chihuahua long coat). Pleasing typical breed head with a large eye not protruding. Nice large ears carried well when alert. Slightly arched neck leading into well laid shoulders. Good front action. Very happy personality which carried through on the move, with a brisk and positive action.

Class 35 Junior: 

1st 89:A Skinner,  mujerose bobby in heaven. 12 months old, long coat chihuahua. Little nervous in this class, however, holds a nice shape on the stand. Another correct head and bite. Well bodied with muscular hindquarters. Moved well when settled.

Class 36 Yearling: 

1st 59:  P Dodd, Mikichi Diamond Marquise, (chihuahua smooth coat). Another bitch that makes a lovely outline on the stand, nice level back leading in to well let down hocks. Correct head, eyes and bite. Moved out well with power and excitement, pleasing and happy expression. Happy to award group 1.

Class 37 Graduate: 

1st 87: A Skinner, mujerose stuck on my heart. 12 months old long coat chihuahua, a lovely alert little bitch with a pleasing happy expression correct bite. Well-rounded head, with a light eye. Good construction with well sprung rib and a nice deep brisket. Moved out well with good reach. Presented and handled well. Res best in group.

Class 38 Open: 

No entries

Class 39 Veteran: 

1st 90:A Skinner,  merney jay tiny timothy (chihuahua long coat). 9 years old Long coat dog, enjoying his day out. Another alert and happy dog. Nice head and correct eye, well bodied for age. Moved well with a brisk action, not showing his age at all. Coat in good condition for age. Well presented and handled. Best veteran in group.

Class 40 Import Breed Register: 

no entries. 

A.V.N.S.C. Utility (Paige Edens)

Class 41 Minor Puppy: 

1st 62 T Conibere, & M Quest, Tiny Winnie De La Valouibere (IMP FRA). Tibetan spaniel, 7-month-old bitch, nice head well-proportioned to body and free from coarseness. Correct dark brown eye. Made a pleasing outline when on the stand, good spring of rib and level back. Moved free with a positive action. Happy to award Best puppy In group.

2nd 61: S Cann, Sunmarca secret agent, miniature poodle, well balanced and elegant looking dog. Made a nice outline on the stand, correct head with moderate stop. Correct bite. Good length of neck leading into well laid shoulders. Nice deep chest and well sprung rib. Moved well when settled, just a little more unsettled on the move that 1.

Class 42 Puppy: 

No entires.

Class 43 Junior: 

1st 64. Knight, Home Town Glory, Tibetan terrier. Nice sturdy and well-balanced bitch. Very outgoing and happy. Good head with large eye. Strong neck with well laid shoulders, well bodied with level topline. Smooth and effortless action when on the move. Presented in lovely condition.

Class 44 Yearling: 

No entires.

Class 45 Graduate: 

1st 65: Mr S & Mrs T Conibere, Chenrezi rewrite the stairs, Tibetan spaniel, nice well-proportioned head. Happy alert expression. Well bodied with moderate bone. Hocks well let down with moderate bend of stifle. Made a pleasing outline on the stand and on the move.

Class 46 Open: 

1st 68 V & S Marshall, Arabesque At Devonia (IMP RUS). Keeshond 4-year-old dog. Correct well-proportioned head with correct eye and black nose. Correct set on of ears and held well framing the head nicely. Correct bite. Nicely arched neck leading in to sloped shoulders. Hindquarters nicely muscled, and nice tight feet. Moved well with a clean brisk action. Well-presented and handled. Happy to award group 1.

2nd K & G Plummer, Araki Dream Perfection for Tetsikarma JW. 18 months old TT, another outgoing and alert bitch. Another pleasing outline on the stand and when on the move. Correct head and strong neck. Correct lay of shoulder. Well bodied. Moved effortlessly round the ring. Well handled.

Class 47 Veteran: 

1st 72. K & G Plummer, Tetsikarma Stargazer ShCM ShCEx VW. 10 and half year-old TT, still presented in excellent condition. Pleasing typical breed standard head, with large eyes. Correct bite. Nice medium length of neck flowing into well laid shoulders. Well-muscled body, nice level topline on both the stand and on the move. Smooth effortless movement round the ring, dose not show age at all. Presented and handled well. Happy to award res best in group and best veteran in group.

2nd 71: M Buddy, Sister Lobo, 12 year old Boston terrier bitch. Another enjoying her day out. Correct typical breed head and bite, neck of fair length and slightly arched. Good width of chest. Nice happy expression.  Moved well when settled.

Class 48 Import Breed Register: 

No entries. 

A.V.N.S.C. Working (Paige Edens)

Class 49 Minor Puppy: 

1st 73, A Davies, Bamabel Delilah at Shalkato,  6 months old Rottweiler bitch, very happy and outgoing puppy. Typical breed head with medium size dark eye. Ears set high framing the face nicely. Correct bite. Slightly arched neck free from throatiness, well laid shoulders and elbows well let down. Nice positive action when on the move.

2nd 74 L Gardener-Wright, Stairvale Georgia.Another 6 months old rottweiler bitch. A lot of the same attributes as first. Very happy outgoing temperament. Lost out to 1st as tended to pace when moving so found it hard to access movement.

Class 50 Puppy: 

1st 75, T Cox, Gertlush Nimueh for Rainwilds Very nice 10-month-old bullmastiff bitch. Very happy and outgoing puppy. Lovely large typical breed head not exaggerated. Nice dark eye and correct bite.  Ears carried well. Well arched neck and a good deep chest. Slightly Sloping shoulders but not overdone. Well muscled hindquarters. Tight cat like feet. Nice powerful free action when on the move. Happy to award res best in group and best puppy in group.

Class 51 Junior:

no entries:

Class 52 Yearling: 

1st 76 C Burnett, Nakota Nanna, 20 month old Rottweiler bitch. Very pleasing typical breed head with moderate amount of wrinkle. Medium dark eye, correct bite. Strong neck leading into well laid shoulders. Elbows well let down but not loose. Slightly sloping pasterns. Lovely broad and deep well sprung of ribs. Well muscled upper thigh. Nice tight feet. Moved well with positive powerful action round the ring. Happy to award group 1 and later went on to win best in show.

Class 53 Graduate: 

no entries.

Class 54 Open: 

1st 78, S Crowther, Kobuk Foxtail Lily. 4 year old Siberian husky bitch. Medium size and of moderate bone. Well balanced, made a pleasing outline on the both the stand and on the move. Typical breed head with correct bite. Moved out well.

2nd 77, T Cox, Alonzobar Wile Ecoyote at Rainwilds. Bullmastiff. 4 year old dog. Lovely typical breed head, very happy outgoing expression, another enjoying his day out. Well bodied with good depth of chest. Once going moved well, just not a positive as 1.

Class 55 Veteran: 

1st 79. S Crowther, Kobuk Midnight Star Gazer ShCM, Siberian Husky. Dog. Good condition for age. Pleasing typical breed head with correct bite with brown eye. Ears set high and carried well. Shoulders well laid, with a strong body. Moved well with a smooth action. Best veteran in group. 

Class 56 Import Breed Register:

no entries

A.V. Stakes Classes (Liesel Thorner)

AV Puppy (12, 8)

1st Hackney’s Of Trebons Berger Blanc Boo (White Swiss Shepherd Dog)

8 month old male with masculine head developing nicely. Nicely made with good angulation, enough bone and good feet. Moved with a steady gait, just needs to tighten with maturity.

2nd  Skinner’s Tyssul Dafydd Due – (LC Chihuahua)

7 month male that had been frightened as he entered the ring so was a little distracted at times. When settled you could see his nice make and shape, good bone and adequate angulation. Moved well.

3rd Lovell and Thatcher’s Devionia’s Anzio – (Bolognese) 

AV Open (11, 7)

1st Crowther’s Kobuk Foxtail Lily – (Siberian Husky)

Light Red, 4 year old in lovely coat. Feminine all though, lovely head, with gorgeous brown eyes and matching nose. Balanced with good angles fore and aft, enough bone and correct feet. Moved effortlessly and true both ways.

2nd Kibby’s Trimere Turn Back Time  - English Springer Spaniel

As per 1st in Yearling.

AV Wine Stakes Open (9, 3)

1st Crowther’s Kobuk Midnight Star Gazer SHCM – Siberian Husky

As per BVIS.

2nd Plummer’s Tetsikarma Stargazer SHCM SHCEX VW (Tibetan Terrier)

As per RBVIS

Best In Show (Liesel Thorner)

Best In Show – Burnett’s Nakota Nana – Rottweiller

20 month old bitch that took my eye when she entered the challenge for BIS. Lovely balance all through and nothing overdone, strong and agile. Attractive head, with good muzzle, enough stop dark eye and well set ears, all coming together to provide alert and intelligent expression. Lovely lay back of shoulder, good length and angulation of upper arm. Strong topline to correct croup and tail set. Rear angles matching the fore. Plenty of heart and lung room in her broad well sprung chest. Moved with effortless gait, with lovely reach and drive.

Reserve Best in Show - Cawley and House’s Ashgate Kirtle – WHW

Best Puppy In Show - Farrar’s Henissy Truffle Trifle – Labrador Retriever

Reserve Best Puppy In Show - Grant’s Dannebriel Me and My Girl – SCWT

Best Veteran In Show – Crowther’s Kobuk Midnight Star Gazer SHCM – Siberian Husky

Doing fabulously well for his 11 years. Lovely shape to this boy’s head, strong muzzle, good bite with teeth still in great condition. Well set and carried ears, one blue one brown eye all making up his keen expression. Still nicely bodied up, balanced with good angles front and rear. Moderate bone in his legs and correct feet.  Moved well holding his topline.

Reserve Best Veteran In Show – Plummer’s Tetsikarma Stargazer SHCM SHCEX VW (Tibetan Terrier)

Up to size, rising 11 year old male who appealed for his movement today. Gaits the ring with reach and drive and near perfect footfall for and aft. Masculine head with lovely dark eye and black nose.  Still retains his muscled frame with good angulation which allows him his free movement.  Tail carried correctly over his back.