Limit Show 23

A.V. Sam Price Memorial Stakes (Judge: Tracey Hill)

I Would like to thank the Bridgwater Society for asking me to judge this special stake class.

As well as being a long standing committee member, I have known Mr Sam Price for many years, and always found him to be polite, helpful and Professional Apart from being a good friend to me, aswell as to the Society, and will be missed by all of us.

1st Miss L.A Biss fpwdyb. Ankors Aria

This 11thmonth bitch is very mature for her age, her head is coming along well and is feminine, with a well defined occiput, darkest of eye,s. Excellent dentition, neck well mus celled and going into a well laid shoulder. Her chest was deep with fore chest felt. Short in backhand well mus celled over her hindquarters. Good feet with membrane from tip to toe. Good tail set, she moved well around the ring and was straight coming and going. Her coat was excellent and a lot of it.

2nd Mrs K Nixon. D Scottish Terrier

Tout nouveau tout beau Du Clan des Petits colonels Karmaristol fimp) jw.

Beautiful young male. Head with good length, with slight stop between skull and fore face. Good dentition,dark eye under eyebrow, and his expression was alert. Goods through the brisket good lay of shoulder. Body was well mus celled and deep in the loin, Hindquarters were well mus celled with correct tail set. Feet well padded, His coat was harsh to the touch. Moved soundly around the ring aswell as coming and going